Even though we are an optimistic person, sometimes we may feel too low, too depressed, too exhausted.

Yup, we can overcome this definitely! But there should be someone with us to make us strong help us to get rid off it. If no-one is there to talk, there comes a big problem. We start giving up on life.

My wish is to make others look positive, think positive and feel a positive vibe around them always. Atleast it helps 1 in 100 to overcome their depression or sadness anything it could be, end of the day everyone should stay positive that’s where comes my blogging thought to spread Positivity to this world. I believe atleast am taking 1% steps towards it.

But this time, I need help from you guys to stay positive. You can give any tips to overcome worries, stress and all that. You could suggest me some positive books, movies, musics or anything it could be. Just share with me whatever you do to stay positive when you feel low.

I hope as I have mentioned in my previous post “this too shall pass..”

Let’s all stay safe and positive no matter what! Thankyou guys!

Stay Positive with


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