Are you a Procastinator???

Hey guys, Happy to catch you all back after long time☺Hope you all are doing good. Let’s get into today’s topic. You know what you need to do. But you haven’t done it yet. So you promise yourself you will get it done tomorrow. You know what they say about tomorrow though. Tomorrow is something…

Be Honest

If it is not Right – don’t do it If it is not True – don’t say it Simple Stay Positive with, Bala

What if my efforts aren’t recognised???

Most of us have this question in our mind. We did put our complete effort in our work but why we haven’t received any recognition for that. For all those energetic people, here you get the answer 🙂 You people are awesome and inspiring, no doubt in that. People will always recognize your work only…


Stay Positive with, Bala

Happy Women’s Day

Women should succeed as women not as men There is nothing specific like masculinity or feminity it’s all about humanity. Every species in this world should be treated equally. Every women is beautiful in their own way. They are more powerful too. W – Wonderful wifeO – Outstanding friendM – Marvelous daughterA – Adorable sisterN…

Be Brave 🤍

Kind heart❤️ Fierce Mind🖤 Brave Spirit🤍 Be brave to accept the reality

Women Empowerment

Be a girl with mind, A women with attitude And a lady with class❤️


Elegance is the only beauty that never fades!!

How to overcome fear?

Hey peeps, Happy to catch you all back after a long time.Hope everyone is doing good and having great time. Most common disease that most of us have is fear.Everyone of us have some sort of fear within us like fear of being judged, fear of what will happen next, fear of failure and it…

How to Stay Motivated?

Hey guys, Happy to blog after a long time. Hope everyone is doing good and staying safe!! During this pandemic situation, many of us are finding ourselves spending all of our time at home. Let’s take this wonderful opportunity to focus more on our personal growth. Yes, of course this is the difficult situation for…